Note: This Is Not A Consumer Product, Use Is Restricted To Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Applications Only.

280 nm LED VHO 250-Watt Unfiltered, Germicidal Multi-Pass Arrays. Customized Designed to fit inside of an HVAC Rooftop Unit, Air Handlers, Refrigerated-Walk-In, Open Cases, Freezers-Box, Food Processing, and Laboratory Environments, Ventilation Equipment Applications. Custom built, high-potency-density / dosing-efficacy configurations. From 50 to 2,500 watts, multi-pass, very high output, diametrically opposed arrays.

Providing 50k plus hours rated life cycle, low to no-maintenance, when installed as directed. Note: Intended for installation by a Professional, COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL-Electrical-Mechanical Contractor. As per manufactures directives, specifications of the engineered application device. In accordance with ASHRAE IAQ/IEQ current recommended standards. The current item as show below was designed for a nominal 20-ton capacity 8,000 CFM RTU for a general corporate office environment application. Frank J. Marino, AET, May 4, 2021

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