Experts with solutions, focused, and easy to work with. Professional, realistic and accommodating people, ready to deliver results. How May We Help You and Your Business to Excel? With decades, of specialized proven expertise, in complex building systems, process, and product development. True indoor air quality, IAQ / IEQ is significantly grater than just comfort, should not be attempted by your average residential heating / cooling contractor. Quantifying true IAQ/IEQ commercial bio-hazard risk exposures, requires significant expertise. Understanding each technologies limits, application saturation efficacy, and pre and post validation process itself. Ascertaining second hand info from the very helpful counter sales person. Info from a product display, at the mega building store. Most have been discovered, providing out of context or omitting critical facts or broad assumptions of existing conditions.

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Providing you with the most comprehensive, efficient, highly effective, cost savings techniques, customized applications, and products currently available. Equipped with advanced tools, to economically and comprehensively, address the many IAQ/IEQ aerosol transmission issues. Assist in safely, returning your building to a lawful human occupancy utilization. Call now, to schedule a free and confidential cost estimate.

Local, Regional, Complex, Small, Large, or Short / Long – Term Projects / Facility Operation Services.

Ꚛ  Bio-Pharma Ꚛ Labs Ꚛ Clean-rooms Ꚛ  Medical-Dental Offices Ꚛ Retail 
Ꚛ  Warehouse-Distribution Ꚛ  Commercial  Ꚛ Manufacturing Ꚛ Industrial 
Ꚛ  Multi-Family High-Low-Rise Ꚛ Product Development  Ꚛ  Process Protocol   

Ꚛ Pre-Construction Ꚛ Project Management

Ꚛ Construction Management

Facility Needs Assessment

Property Condition – Inspection – Evaluation

Budgetary Capitalized / Operational Cost Projections


Stakeholders Representative

CPM At-Risk Lump Sum

Space Fit-Out – Remediation

Punch List Creation / Completion


Ꚛ Surgical Extraction Equipment De-Commission-Removal

Compliance Ꚛ Validation

Masonry Restoration

Moisture Infiltration Abatement


Build Tight – Ventilate Right Particulate Infiltration

High Performance Sustainable Building Envelopes

Roofs High Efficiency – Cool – Green Roof Systems

Industrial Building Roof Elevating – Lifting

Ꚛ Steel Buildings Pre-Engineered High Performance Special Application

Ꚛ Architectural Facility Harding / Automation

Back-Up UPS Power – Generators – Power Walls – Battery Banks

Structural Engineering / Repairs – Alterations

Fixed Reoccurring Operating Expenses Reduction,

Energy / Co2 footprint reduction.

Sick Building Syndrome Remediation

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

Industrial Hygiene

ASHRAE 70.1, 62.1, 50, 90.1 and ISO Operational Standards

Ꚛ ISO Class 1~7 Clean-Rooms – Laboratories

ISO 797-Serility Process Isolation Suites

ISO-13485 CFR-21-820 Clean Process Manufacturing

Mission Critical Process Custom Integrated Applications (IEQ)

Lab-Gas Piping Systems

Automated Environment Control & Interfaced Safety Monitoring

Indoor Environmental Quality (IAQ) Monitoring Dashboard

Control Systems BAS, BIM, BMS, AI, Process Integration / Automation.

Electrical Clean Power Lighting Re-Lighting

Custom Application Lighting Development

Integrated HVAC Rapid E-Vac Ventilation

HVAC /r 280 nm UVC Germicidal LED Very High Out / Performance Engineered to be Economical, Highly Efficient, & Effective, Matched to the Actual Capacity of the Commercial Ventilation System, Area Size, Use Risk & Occupancy Exposure Factors.

Lineal Architectural Indirect 280nm UVC Germicidal LED Fixtures

Pendant or Wall Mounted.

Voice-Data Access Electronic Media

Integrated Communications Network

HVAC Ventilation Plumbing Mechanical

Process Filtration – Purification

Water – Compressed Air 254 & 280 nm UV-C Germicidal & Micro-Particulate, Lubricants, Metals, Polymers Filtration

Effluent Amalgam Separators Medical Vacuum Systems

Aerosol Cross Contamination – / + Zoned Abatement System.

Projects, Products and Forensic Pictures