Asset Needs Assessment, Cost Projections. Pre-Post Lease-Sale-Purchase-Construct Evaluation. IAQ-IEQ. Commercial Electronic Systems. From average of 2.90 to 8.58 per therm 100Ccf NG/HH directly effects the cost, you will be paying per kWh of electricity.

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Historically provided a uniquely comprehensive picture of conditions, and their short and long term implications. How cost effective, high efficiency solutions, equate to lowering your Co2 emission footprint. Derivative bottom line impact, cost effective, healthy, and economic solutions, that delivers cost savings wile sending a subtle but powerful message.

Utilizing high-efficiency quality systems from YORK, Daikin, Water Furnace, R-6 KoolDuct, W.R. Meadows-Gemite, Coby System, Kingspan, ROK-ON, Marino Ware, Honeywell, RKI, Dow, Corning, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper-Mist AI, Anechoic Noise Control, Acoustical Lighting, K-B Lighting, I-Luminosity, Steinel-Crestron, Leviton, Ketra- Lutron-QSX, USAI, Klus, Philips, Power Wall, Schneider Electric, APC, Generac, Cummins Onan, Kohler, Winco Whisper Watt, Cat, ASCO, and many other quality products and (FM)-Factory Mutual standards.

Customizable applications, specialty products, currently available. Equipped with many tools, to economically and comprehensively, focused on not only (IAQ/IEQ) issues, but much more. Promoting good public health, addressing aerosol mold, Co2, CO, CH4, O2, CI, H, He, Rn, odor, viral, and human/animal pathogen transmission, temperature, humidity, and process cross contamination.

Post manufacturing / testing process addressing OSHA TWA exposure level and compliance issues. Solutions for your Offices, Lab, Facilities, Business, Practice environment, to a safe, stable efficient full capacity occupancy.

Professional MPE, HVAC, BAS, Structural, Energy, services, and much more. Providing comprehensive commercial, industrial, multi-family high-rise, specialty construction, remediation, and operational support services.

Consider a different, value added efficient choice, its called the real numbers and facts.

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Ultra High Definition 0.8- 2.5mm Virtual Reality Seamless Video Wall-Room.

Ultra Clean Power UPS Power – Generators – Power Walls – Battery Banks

Lightning Power-Surge Protection

Industrial Property Needs Assessment Evaluation Budgetary Cost Projections.

Structural Engineering Steel-Masonry-Wood, Opening-Clearance Modifications

Ꚛ Energy / Co2 Footprint Emissions Mitigation, FROE Cost Reduction

Sick Building Evaluation-Remediation, Bio-Hazard Warning

Indoor Air / Environmental Quality (IAQ-IEQ) Automation BAS Front End Dashboard

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) ASHRAE 62.1, 50.0, 70.1, 90.1, 170, ISO-11731

AHAM, CADR air filtration media standards, aerosol sterilization, efficacy independent

ISO 11731 protocols, with SAS-180 air quality testing.

Industrial Hygiene

ASHRAE 70.1, 62.1, 50, 90.1 170, LOG, and ISO Operational Standards

ISO Class 1~7 Clean-Rooms – Laboratories – Processes 99.999% – Design-Build

ISO 797-Serility Process Isolation Suites Design-Build-Remediate

ISO-13485 CFR-21-820 Clean Manufacturing Process Isolation Containment

Lab-Gas, Cryogenics, Liquids, Piping, Pumping, Systems

Automated Environment Safety – Fail-Safe Control Systems Integration

Indoor Environmental Quality (IAQ) Automated Validation Monitoring Dashboard

Honeywell Tridium Niagara Building, and Process Automation, Dashboard, BAS, AI,

Systems Integration Facility Automation, Facility (IEQ) indoor environmental quality /

(IAQ) indoor air quality Environmental Monitoring, Instrumentation, Self Validating

HVAC System Integrated Rapid Reaction Fail Safe Air Dump Ventilation

HVAC /r 275-280 nm UVC Germicidal LED, Very High Out / Performance Engineered

Highly Efficient Multi-Pass, Designed to Match Actual U&O FPM Velocity, CFM, ESP

Commercial Ventilation System, Area Size, Use Risk & Occupancy Exposure Factors

Projects, Products and Forensic Pictures