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Historically provided a uniquely comprehensive picture of conditions, and their short and long term implications. How cost effective, high efficiency solutions, equate to lower Co2 emission footprint. Derivative bottom line impact, cost effective, healthy, and economic solutions, that delivers cost savings, while sending a subtle but powerful message.

Utilizing high-efficiency quality systems from AAON, YORK, Daikin, Water Furnace, Filpro, Air Filtration, Ultra-Pure Bio-Med, Electric Furnace, Belimo, BinMaster, Rosemount, R-6 KoolDuct, W.R. Meadows-Gemite, Coby System, Kingspan Insulated Panels-QuadCore, ROK-ON, Marino Ware, Honeywell, RKI, Silent Knight, Dow, Corning, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper-Mist AI, Anechoic Noise Control, Acoustical Lighting, K-B Lighting, I-Luminosity, Steinel-Crestron, Leviton, Ketra- Lutron-QSX, USAI, Klus, Philips, Power Wall, Schneider Electric, APC, Generac, Cummins Onan, Kohler, Winco Whisper Watt, Cat, HydroPower, Advanced Hydrogen Technology, ASCO, and many other quality products and (FM)-Factory Mutual standards.

Customizable applications, specialty products, currently available. Equipped with many tools, to economically and comprehensively, focused on not only (IAQ/IEQ) issues, but much more. 

Promoting good public health, addressing aerosol mold, fungus, legionella, Co2, CO, CH4, O2, CI, H, He, Rn, odor, viral, and human/animal pathogen transmission, temperature, humidity, and ISO 13485 process cross contamination.

Post manufacturing / testing process addressing OSHA (occupational safety hazard administration) TWA (time weighted average) exposure level and compliance issues. Solutions for your Offices, Lab, Facilities, Business, Practice environment, to a safe, stable efficient full capacity occupancy.

Professional MPE, HVAC, BAS, Structural, Energy, services, and much more. Providing comprehensive commercial, industrial, multi-family high-rise, specialty construction, remediation, and operational support services.

Consider a different, value added efficient choice, its called the real numbers and facts.

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