Autonomous SAE J2601 Grade Hydrogen Storage Transport System

Plasma Kinetics Corporation Scottsdale Arizona USA

When combined with our systems partners abilities to safely, and reliably integrate current labs, commercial, industrial legacy equipment, with currently available technologies. The possibilities on a global scale are limitless. This profoundly changes everything, your thought was possible. Ultra Green, Ultra Clean, True Net Zero Co2.. Most as we have been reading on the net, are not aware there is GRAY, which is derived primarily from a complex methane and fossil fuel process. GREEN which is derived from a very low energy photonics storage process. This system can store energy indefinitely, stored in a common warehouse, transported in a common truck, sea box on a cargo vessel, port at any freight terminal. Lost at sea, sit at the bottom of the ocean, retrieved, washed off and used. Low risk, fire resistant, low to no environmental impact, near ZERO liability. Easily rapid deployment, stable at room temperature, no low temp refrigeration required. Without major infrastructure, storage, on-demand, at a minimal use of resources and risk.

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